Kent Histories Wanted, Circa 1969

17 Apr 2019

If you studied or worked at the University of Kent any time between 1965 – 1975, or had anything to do with the early years of Gulbenkian – whether you saw a show there, were part of a show, worked there or helped lay the very foundations – we’d love to get to know you!

As part of a Heritage Lottery Fund project ‘Radical Roots’, marking the 50th anniversary of the Gulbenkian, young people from Gulbenkian Creative Learning groups are conducting oral history interviews to capture the living history of the University of Kent. These interviews will go into the University Archives so that generations to come can find out about life on campus in the late 60s – early 70s. They will also form part of an exhibition of archive material for the Radical Roots Festival on 15th June, challenging people to consider how young people can feel empowered to change society the same way they did fifty years ago.

The interviews are supported by the University of Kent Special Collections and Archives, professional oral historian Rib Davis, and Gulbenkian Youth Group leaders.

We would greatly appreciate the generosity of your time to come to a single recorded session at the University preferably on a Monday evening, although if access to the campus at this or any time is a problem, please still get in touch and we will try to make another arrangement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if this is you!

email Megan (Radical Roots Project Manager)

Or call Gulbenkian Box Office on 01227 769 075