TECH(Y)31 is a fun, weekly workshop for 10-12 year olds interested in the technical side of theatre.

Over 10 weeks, training will be provided by Gulbenkian’s technical team to find out about what happens ‘behind the scenes’ and make a performance run smoothly. You will learn about different aspects of technical theatre, including sound, lighting and stage management, through hands-on activities.

TECH(Y)31 also works with the Gulbenkian Youth Theatre, to power their performances.

For more information please contact Neelam Saredia, Creative Learning Assistant by email or phone 01227 816472.

Aged 13+ and interested in technical theatre? Check out TECH31KENT!

‘Thanks for letting us tech today. I found the talks really interesting. I would like to use one of the topics as one to discuss as part of an essay based project for school.’ - Ryan
“It’s amazing how much they all pick up across the 10 weeks.” Jake Taylor, Technical Manager, Gulbenkian.
"What I liked about TECH(Y)31 is that I can be independent with lights and sound. The majority of things I know about tech is from TECH(Y)31." Spike, TECH(Y)31 member

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