NT Connections 2021 Continues Virtually

4 Jan 2021

Last November, our creative engagement team auditioned more than 60 young people to join our Gulbenkian Young Company to create a production of ‘Find a Partner’ by Miriam Battye, as part of National Theatre Connections 2021.

Inundated with amazing talent we have created our biggest young company ever and they have been rehearsing digitally since before Christmas. We are incredibly proud of this group of young people as they tackle the unprecedented challenge to create a production remotely and are continuing to rehearse virtually.

About the play Find a Partner! by Miriam Battye:

Hayley needs to find a boyfriend quick! She only has seconds to decide before it’s too late. However, this is not real life, it’s more important than that, this is a game – with strict rules. Find A Partner is a play that takes us on a journey through the closing rounds of a gameshow about coupledom. Meet the contestants, revere them, live through them, reject them. A show, played by a few watched by many, but everyone’s involved.

Who’s in, who’s out, who likes who, who’s with who, who gets a say and who gets to choose? Everything’s at stake, because, well, EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE. That’s life, everybody wants a partner, don’t they? No partner?….impossible to imagine…isn’t it? Impossible to live like that. Isn’t it?

Follow their journey from script to show on social media: @TheGulbenkian and @ART31Kent to see updates from the production #gulbntc