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 Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School and Brockhill Park Performing Arts College presents...

This year we are hosting The National Theatre Connections Partner Festival at Gulbenkian!

Connections is the National Theatre’s annual, nationwide youth theatre festival. The programme is 29 years old and has a history of championing the talent of young people from across the UK. Every year, Connections commissions new plays for young people to perform. The programme brings together some of the UK’s most exciting writers with the theatre-makers of tomorrow. This year we are hosting the National Theatre Connections – Partner Theatre Festival.

Night Four – Wed 8 May 2024

Kiss/Marry/Push Off Cliff by Josh Azouz (Performed by Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School) 6pm

A group of friends go camping – but after only one night, one of them is ostracised by the rest of the group and cast out into wilderness for something they said…or was it something they did…? it’s strange and it’s about to get stranger as friendships are tested, new alliances formed, trusts are broken and reality is twisted out of shape…the trip becomes a rite of passage…guided by a moral compass, that isn’t entirely reliable.

Recommended for ages: 14+

Content Warnings:

  • Strong language.
  • Sexual references.
  • Scenes of drug use and distribution.
  • Scenes of alcoholism, and children drinking alcohol

Age is Revolting by Abi Zakarian (Performed by Brockhill Park Performing Arts College) 8pm

Choir is for mad old people, right? When a group of school kids rebel against their boring music lesson, they hit the wrong note and magically transform into their 80-year-old selves…and now live in a care home. Suddenly age, and their understanding of it, feels very relevant as they begin to confusedly navigate their way back to the present; no longer older, but maybe just a little wiser.

  • Recommended for ages: 13+
  • Content Warnings:  Some strong language

Please Note – Tickets cost £5 and give you access to both performances on NT Connections – Partner Theatre Festival Night Four. There will be an interval between each show.

National Theatre Connections – Partner Theatre Festival Night Four

Wed 8 May


ART31 takes its name from Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child, which states that ‘Children have the right to relax and play, and to join in a wide range of cultural, artistic and other recreational activities’.

ART31 is a vision created with, by, and for young people in Kent, championing the belief that all children and young people have an entitlement to access high quality arts and culture, to empower them to achieve their creative potential, and to genuinely engage young people as equal partners in any decision making that affects them.

The ART31 Youth Board is made up of young people from across Kent aged 13-25 who steer its governance, and influence policy and practice across the county and beyond, challenging the creative sector to examine existing ways of working and integrate young people into the core of their practice.

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