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Folk-pop-rock legend Gerry Colvin must be one of the most endearing and energetic musicians on the planet, just as much at home playing small clubs as he is supporting Status Quo on Tour.

This multi-talented singer-songwriter performs all his own material, combining catchy melodies with thoughtful lyrics on love, society, angst and Johnny Cash! His be-suited on stage performance combines Frank Sinatra, Lee Evans, and the afore-mentioned Man in Black. Genius? Madcap? Maverick? Yes, all of these things…and a lot, lot more.

A stellar musical CV includes co-writing with Alison Moyet, being a Television and John Peel favourite with his 80’s band Terry and Gerry, winning best band (with ColvinQuarmby) at Fairport’s Cropredy Festival as well as the Hancock Award for best live folk act. A Glastonbury stalwart, he has played several times and also acted as compere on more than one occasion.

His latest collection of songs was recorded during the 2020 lockdown, released under the title ‘Fully Functioning Wind-up Mechanism. Every song is brilliant, and only Gerry could come up with a song titled ‘The Laird of Loch Doone’ actually a true story set in an island castle in Scotland at the time of the Great Plague, with a theme echoing one that we’ve all been experiencing.

Gerry Colvin is a writer of great substance who is able to give us something that has been largely missing in English Music for a long time. His subjects and characters are clearly defined and his songs create strong images and stories which can make us both laugh and cry in the same breath. This man is unique and unforgettable. The songs are brilliant. He should be a household name. Go see him.” Phil Beer, Show of Hands

Gerry will be joined by musicians Jerome Davies, double bass, Trish Power, accordion Lyndon Webb, guitar

I’ve promoted Gerry in his many different guises, and for five incomparable years I was his agent. If it’s possible to tire of his very own brand of loony genius, then it hasn’t happened yet. In this ever increasingly fearful world, Gerry is a full force blast of joy and positivity, let’s give him the packed venue he deserves“. Debs, Folk in the Barn

Gerry Colvin

Thu 21 July


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