The Chinese New Year’s gala will be hosted by CSSA with great honor and enthusiasm at UKC in January 2020 to celebrate Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is the most important and widely celebrated festival of all Chinese in China and overseas.

This event will be raised with variety of shows in Chinese New Year eve. Audience will be introduced with wonderful music and dance. Comedy acts such as xiangsheng and sketchers are featured. Even more, we expect the return of the magic and Kongfu shows which were featured last year.

This show is regarded as an occasion for Chinese student reunion and feel to be home overseas. Furthermore, CSSA has tasked themselves to spread the wonder and diversity of Chinese history and culture.

Chinese New Year Gala Show

Mon 27 January 2020

Our work with young people

Children and Young People are at the heart of what we do, as audience members, as participants and as thought leaders.

Through our landmark ART31 project we are working with young people and partners in Kent to create new opportunities through the arts for under 25's across the county.

Below are some of our current projects focused on the development of young people.

Our projects with young people