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Canterbury Choral Society

Find Your Voice - A Singing Workshop with Richard Cooke!

Come along for a day of feel-good singing, learn some new techniques and be ready to be amazed at how much progress you make. The workshop will run from 10:30am – 4:00pm. 

This workshop will focus on voice production through demonstration, singing exercises and some select repertoire, with a mini ‘concert ‘ to finish.

Richard Cooke has worked with choirs throughout his life, from early days in St Paul’s Cathedral and King’s College, Cambridge, later teaching and coaching young people for choral scholarships, and acting as chorus master to the main symphonic choirs in London, including 28 continuing years as Music Director to the Royal Choral Society and 40 years here with Canterbury Choral Society.

Richard relishes developing the ‘sound’ of his choirs, making voice production a key element in their training. Canterbury Choral Society and its Youth Choir are central to this continuing project. You can hear us via the opening page of our website:

Come and find your voice. Everyone can sing!


ART31 takes its name from Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child, which states that ‘Children have the right to relax and play, and to join in a wide range of cultural, artistic and other recreational activities’.

ART31 is a vision created with, by, and for young people in Kent, championing the belief that all children and young people have an entitlement to access high quality arts and culture, to empower them to achieve their creative potential, and to genuinely engage young people as equal partners in any decision making that affects them.

The ART31 Youth Board is made up of young people from across Kent aged 13-25 who steer its governance, and influence policy and practice across the county and beyond, challenging the creative sector to examine existing ways of working and integrate young people into the core of their practice.

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