Andreya Triana is a singer/songwriter hailing from London, England who is most well known for her collaborations with the likes of Bonobo, Flying Lotus and Mr. Scruff. She is also a songwriter in her own right, having released two solo albums and four E.P’s since her debut in 2010.

There’s nothing that makes you strive for success more than growing up in a sleepy, backwoods town. By the sounds of it, very few things can fuel a young musician’s drive to succeed more than the idea of getting out of there and seeing the world, and Andreya Triana is a picture perfect example of this. She might have been born in the greatest city in the world, but she was cruelly ripped away from it when she was around 14 to live in Worcester, where her step father was working at the time. She had already fallen for music, singing was especially a passion of hers ever since she was tiny, but Worcester wasn’t the kind of place that nurtured her burgeoning talent.

Sick of the dead end jobs stuffing envelopes and preparing sushi, Triana vowed to make a proper attempt at playing music for a living and joined the soul trio Bootis in 2003. The band gigged extensively around the country for two years but Triana still felt stifled creatively, and realized that the only way that she was going to feel fulfilled creatively was by striking out on her own. She left Bootis in 2005 and soon afterwards found a regular gig as the singer for Trip-Hop legend Bonobo’s DJ Sets. However, after settling down to write and create a backlog of her own work, she created a demo tape of her singing into a sampler and creating an entire soundscape with her voice, which she called the “FreeFlo Sessions”.

She submitted the tape to the Red Bull Music Academy, and Triana became one of 60 people from all over the world, including future soul sensation Aloe Blacc, who got accepted into the program. This meant that she spent two weeks in Melbourne, Australia learning how to make music at a professional level with artists like Peter Hook, Just Blaze and Skream. It was there that she met the experimental electronica DJ Flying Lotus, with whom she wrote a track called “Tea Leaf Dancers”, an effort that he was so impressed with that he ended up putting song on an E.P of his called “Reset”. This gave Triana a massive boost in credibility and in visibility, leading to a record contract with Ninja Tune by the time she had returned to the U.K.

With her new record contract, she managed to rope in her old touring buddy Bonobo to produce her debut album “Lost Where I Belong”, which was critically adored when it came out in September 2010. In return her vocals were featured on a number of tracks on Bonobo’s 2010 album “Black Sands”, and ever since then, she’s become the connoisseur’s choice for fans of both electronica and soul. She already has collaborations with the likes of Mr. Scruff and Breach under her belt, the latter of which was even a top ten single in the form of “Everything You Never Had (We Had It All)” in 2013. Her second album “Giants” seems to promise that she’ll become as big a name as anyone she’s worked with, and now she’s at the peak of her powers, Andreya Triana comes highly recommended.

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Andreya Triana

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