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Two panel discussions to whet your appetite, as part of our Taste of Gulbenkian festival.

2.30pm: Moving Roots and Saving Seeds is a panel discussion about plants and people, featuring growers and gatherers from the south of England.

The talk will be a chance to hear from people running some brilliant projects, including Miles Irving, founder of Forager and Robin Williams, farmer and co-founder of Nama Yasai. We are also delighted to announce that Dr John Dickie, Senior Research Leader and Assistant Head of Collections at the Millennium Seed Bank will also take part in the panel discussion.

At Forager, Miles leads a team of expert foragers who supply cooks and chefs around the country with delicious wild ingredients, whilst educating people about the benefits of eating diverse wild plants. Nama Yasai is a farm in Sussex specialising in Japanese vegetables farmed by Robin and his wife Ikuko Suzuki.

The discussion will address questions about the impact of farming on the local environment, food security and diversity, and when a plant might be considered ‘invasive’ or ‘native’. We will talk about the movement over time of both people and plants, and how this shapes local culture and food ways.

5.15pm: Sharing Plates is a series of short presentations by cooks and chefs from across Kent.

We have invited the cooks of Kent – both home cooks and professional chefs – who have migrated to the area, from near or far, to tell us about their most exciting dishes.

The event will showcase the diverse foodscape of the local area, and help build up a healthy appetite in the process. We hope you will learn about interesting new dishes and be inspired to try cooking some for yourself!

Alongside local cooks we will also hear from a few great projects celebrating food and migration, including cookbook and supperclub Stories On Our Plate (


Domenica Pecoraro

Aida Silvestri

Stephen Black

Khusro Jaleel

Paul Babra

Sheree Palmer

Part of Taste of Gulbenkian Festival

Taste of Gulbenkian Festival

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2 Feb 2019

Our work with young people

Children and Young People are at the heart of what we do, as audience members, as participants and as thought leaders.

Through our landmark ART31 project we are working with young people and partners in Kent to create new opportunities through the arts for under 25's across the county.

Below are some of our current projects focused on the development of young people.

Our projects with young people