An exciting showcase, sampling the best of European theatre.

BE FESTIVAL is Birmingham’s international festival of performing arts. Each year, we package up our top 3 shows from the festival and send them out to audiences around the UK. This year, the Best of BE will feature 3 delicious, 30-minute samples of mask, theatre, and circus, all in one evening!

Spanish company Kulunka Teatro present André and Dorine, an old couple who are forced to find ways to remember what once joined them together after the sudden onset of Alzheimer’s disease – a moving story, beautifully told through full masks. In What Does Stuff Do? Bristol-based performer Robin Boon Dale will spend 30 minutes, literally, tripping his way through a part guide, part motivational speech on juggling. Romain Teule’s show, Légende, unpacks the possibilities of language, and plays upon the (mis)interpretation of words, with amusing results.

Pay What You Decide ticket policy
You reserve your tickets in advance for free. You enjoy the show. Then on exit you pay what you decide you want to, or can afford to pay, based on your overall enjoyment of the performance.

ShowTalk: Followed by post-show discussion.

The Gulbenkian reviews

“It is difficult to imagine a more rewarding and enjoyable night out”

What’s On Stage

“Ground-breaking new theatre from across Europe”

The Guardian


Experience an evening of physically charged and refreshingly original dance, performed by dance artists on the cusp of their professional careers. See where dance is right now… and where it may go next.

19 Mar 2018 , 7:30pm
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Electrifying new dance-circus from Motionhouse

17 Apr - 21 Apr 2018
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Last Resort

Last Resort is an alternative future for Guantanamo Bay. The waterboarding has stopped, the noise has been turned down and the military base has been reclaimed as a holiday destination. You, the audience, are our holidaymakers.

Best of BE Festival 2018

18 Mar 2018

Our work with young people

Children and Young People are at the heart of what we do, as audience members, as participants and as thought leaders.

Through our landmark ART31 project we are working with young people and partners in Kent to create new opportunities through the arts for under 25's across the county.

Below are some of our current projects focused on the development of young people.

Our projects with young people